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More research is needed to stop and cure ALS. Börje Salming ALS Foundation supports ALS research and provides support to relatives. Every gift is important.
Through the fundraising tool BetterNow, you can make a gift to the Börje Salming ALS Foundation.

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Make a donation to the foundation's fundraiser via BetterNow

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Find fundraisers at BetterNow created by others to benefit the Börje Salming ALS Foundation

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You can start your own fundraiser for the benefit of the Börje Salming ALS Foundation via BetterNow

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Questions about giving a gift

Here are the most frequently asked questions about giving your support to the foundation.

Is there a minimum amount you can support?

No, you choose the amount you want to contribute.

How can I donate to Börje Salming ALS stiftelse?

Donate via BetterNow

Donate to Foundation Fundraising via BetterNow.

Start a fundraiser

You can start a fundraiser online for the Börje Salming ALS Foundation via Betternow. Read more


Donate via Swish at nummer 123 135 28 30.


Donate via bankgiro 5921-2274

Support through an activity

If you want to do an activity, email then we talk about the setup. You then fill out a form that you receive from us describing your activity and what it might entail.

Do I need an account to contribute through BetterNow?

No, you don't need to create an account. You fill in your name and email when you give your gift. To give your gift via Swish, you can also fill in your phone number.