Start a fundraiser

You can start a fundraiser for the Börje Salming ALS Foundation via BetterNow.

How to Start Your Own Fundraiser

If you feel like you want to contribute and reach out to others. We explain below how to get started with your own fundraising.

Stage 1

Go to BetterNow

Go to the foundation's fundraising page on BetterNow and press the green Start Fundraising button.

Stage 2

Follow the instructions

Fill in the details of your fundraiser, it only takes a few minutes.

Stage 3

Share your fundraiser

Share your fundraiser with your network via social media (for example, Facebook, Twitter, email) and you're ready to start accepting donations.

Stage 4

Accept donations

Your family and friends can now contribute to your fundraiser, leave motivational comments and help support the project you've chosen.

Step 5

Watch your fundraising grow and be proud that you are making a difference!

Thank you for thinking about Börje Salming ALS Foundation and contributing to research that can stop ALS

To stop and cure ALS, more research is needed. The Börje Salming ALS Foundation supports ALS research and provides support to relatives. Every gift is important.